Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Foolish Senile Bisons, Drunken

Foolish Senile Bisons, Drunken is a true departure for both of us. The first side from 1993 is electro-acoustic delights and the second side is hard driving electro-angst compositions from 1994. People in the know say that this is unlike any tape they have heard of mine. This 60 minute release comes with an especially nice cover graphic from DFW.

Senile Bisons Crying for Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer

Senile Bisons Crying for DFW is one of my favorite releases. In 1990 I sent DFW some source material and they completed this 60 minute work. Nothing I could say to describe it would do it justice. They have introduced me to their very own special world, and I'm glad I can offer this experience to others.

Das Swinebolt Wohnzimmer - 45LB Fröhliche Masquerade

Das Swinebolt Wohnzimmer is thick, loopy and loony. Cheerless crowds feel like this tape sounds.

The Eternal Fire of Darkness - The Eternal Fire of Desolation - The Eternal Fire of Despair

The Eternal Fire series is like a tropical storm: a hazy blur of drones and moaning. A daringly emotional and draining experience featuring Minóy.

Senile Bisons - Crabs in Sleet

These tapes showcase DFW amongst Minóy (Eternal Fire); Tom Furgas, PBK and Ditto (Crabs); Swinebolt#45 (Das Swinebolt) and me (Senile Bisons). Crabs in Sleet is a quirky showcase of the variety of experiences associated with DFW's craziness featuring classic Fritz and Ilse duets and guitar pandemonium.